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The Cardboard Toblerone Display is a 3-sided, free standing display banner.

The structure is made from 2mm thick corrugated cardboard but can also be supplied to include additional two additional sheets of 14mm thick engineered card contained within the base as an option.

The inclusion of additional 14mm thick cardboard sheets within the base provides additional rigidity and stability. This is an advantage if the display is to be used in high traffic areas where it could be knocked over more easily.

The 3-sided shape and stable support base make the Toberlone Display ideally suited for use at exhibitions, events, conferences or for in-store promotional advertising campaigns where the ability to view the display from all directions is preferred.

Each face of the stand is custom-printed including the support base to create a neater, more professional appearance when compared to ‘off the shelf’ display stands such as roller banners.

For convenient transport, the product comes flat-packed. Assembly is simple and involves fastening the self adhesive joins which takes approximately 5 minutes.

Being made entirely from cardboard, this product can be recycled responsibly after use.

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